KMC Approval


Multi-specialty Hospital, Woodlands Multispecialty Hospital established in 1946, Alipore, Kolkata, the flagship of Eastern India started as a secondary care unit, and gradually developed as a Tertiary Care Unit over the years . Woodlands is a part of a large and diversified business conglomerate RP- Sanjeev Goenka Group. The ambitious RP- Sanjeev Goenka Group with their business acumen required to expand the current infrastructure and introduce ultra modern medical facilities to provide best possible treatment to the people.

To achieve their goal proposed planning required retro fitment of existing heritage wing, so as to amalgamate with the proposed new wing functionally cumulating to approx. 3 lakh Sq.ft. comprising of 2 basements and G+11 stories. The facility is designed to be a modern health care unit with various specialized departments.

Plot: For a plot size of approx. 70,000 Sq.Ft., fire safety being one of the primary concerns special attention was paid to plan strategic maneuvering of fire engines, ambulances, vehicular and pedestrian movements. To achieve proper layout planning and ease of maneuvering ,old ancillary structures were proposed to be demolished.

Challenges: Being a low lying area dewatering the plot was a major concern. Since the existing hospital had to be operational it was a major planning challenge to construct the new wing with minimum inconvenience to the patients, staff and the functioning of the existing hospital.

Design: Emphasis was given to the vertical transport, department segregation with de-cluttered spaces, proper and innovative way finder for regulated movement of inpatient and out patient for reduced trespassing. Curating movement from emergency to OT or the beds and ensure hassle free circulation.

By means of Healing Architecture the space was further taken ahead to create a visual environment such as, a glazed façade which was modeled extensively to capitalize on the view of the cityscape & maximize natural light, providing mood boosters, planters, and applying colours kinetics, etc. for Therapeutic purpose which would have an psychological impact on the patients for their quick recovery as well as their families and the staff.