Our Expertise


One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time, it is like life starting all over again. As architects, we know that each day is new and must be explored. People dream about how they want to live their lives, how they pursue inspiration and education, and how they work are constantly changing and evolving. Innovations in the way we think and act often arise because we are invited to inhabit spaces that are generous and offer opportunities for the unexpected to occur.

Interior Design

WA endeavors to create elegant, superlative and a secure environment that allows clients / end users to work, learn, inhabit and grow. All while keeping abreast the styles that translates our client’s aspiration into reality.

Our approach to any design revolves around our main principles of S-P-A-C-E.

Striking a perfect balance between form and function, WA aims to redefine and create stimulating space with distinctive perception and add value to any given space.

Design Implementation

WA has always welcomed new challenges with enthusiasm and responded with new methods of design and execution.

WA as a team is proficient in working drawings and has dealt with various international designers & architects. We thrive on efficiency in understanding and grasping the design intent, and interpret the space as envisioned.

Co-ordination being the key to successful project delivery, WA co-ordinates with various intra agencies to bring together all the aspects of the project, right from sourcing of substitute materials, hardware within the budget constraints,  tweaking details considering services as per requirement maintaining the original design intent to providing civil, and design detail drawings.

Project Management

WA offers a comprehensive project management consultancy services including procurement management, which encompasses all aspects from induction to completion having single dimensional resolve to deliver a project in a stipulated time, cost, quality and efficiency, leaving a distinctive mark.

During which it strategizes a project, directs a timeline, coordinates with multidisciplinary professionals Pan India, provides clear briefings through pre planned meetings, allocates resources and provides documentation throughout the project. A well planned project can reduce concerns ranging from design and execution, long lead materials, Inter agencies / vendors coordination, EHS and Project closure.

Turnkey-Design Build Solutions

Being in practice for almost 2 decades, WA understands the nerve of every project and strategizes a systematic approach, right from the initial phase to the final completion. WA with its associate team Astarck ENGINEERING aims at delivering Design and Build Solutions which is hassle free experience for the